Alwan International Childrens Festival - Mini Session - 24 September - 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

  • Sunday 24 September 2023, 04:00 pm - 06:30 pm
  • The Children's Museum Jordan, Amman
The Sunday session does not include all of the shows and installations of the festival. 

After the beautiful success of ALWAN’S first edition last September, we promise you this year will be no less. Your families will come into our dream world of the most fun street theatre, the craziest installations, mind-boggling parade performances and incredibly engaging artistic experiences.
Laughter is the theme of the show in Tutti in Valigia (All in a suitcase) by Luigi Ciotta from Italy where suitcases inside suitcases inside suitcases engage the young and old… Crazy Mozart by Mundo Costrini made up of a French and Spanish duo is an original concert where nothing is what it seems, a symphony of gags and absurd situations… Vosa Theatre from the Czech Republic brings us their Fish parade from the stream of freshwater rivers with their massive bodies floating gracefully through the festival… The tall family of Giraffes of Xirirquiteula theatre from Spain will stroll through the festival grounds, startled and disorientated, they interact with everything they encounter… the naughty Babies of Senza Denti (Without Teeth) by Le Due En Quarto from Italy will joke around aboard their giant strollers among the amazement and the unbelief of the public… Shalabieh Al Hakawatieh will take your children on a story telling trip in her enchanting style. All that and much more awaits you at Alwan 2023! Check out the full programme on www.alwanfestival.com.

Adults and children need a ticket except for babies one year and younger

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